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Love is What the Truth Is

by Drycell and the Philosfist

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The Philosofist and Drycell are back again in a powerhouse duet! Both have worked together on an EP that is as powerful as the last one.

The last EP 'That's the Truth' was focused on how we all make our own destiny.
This next EP is based around the damaging side of love, and how kisses and marriage isn't always what everyone wants or needs.

Mad props to Matt 'The Philosofist' Fry for working again on another powerful set of lyrics. Thanks to all the supporters of our last album as well!


released March 7, 2011

Backing instrumentals and final production by Joshua 'Drycell' Merriman. All rights reserved unless you suck my dick.

Vocals written and performed by Matt 'The Philosofist' Fry. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Drycell Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Love is What the Truth Is
Yeah I want you, couldn't go wrong with you
Beautiful, long dark hair to the fly shoes
iTunes, jazz, rhythm and blues
Got a pretty personality, too, boo, I dig you

I got a crew but I'm still an individual
If you stick with me then we'll go way beyond the physical
Literally being the truth, I don't inhibit my groove
That's how you know that you'll be calling me smooth, ooh!

I'm on the verge of full maturity, you don't have to worry
'bout me flirting with another girl or slurred speech
Getting up inside you like I'm james up in the giant peach
Think about it baby girl the vision isn't out of reach

I'm running out of breath but never running out of steam
At nineteen, I'm a katy perry teenage dream
I'm unique, you know I clean up nice
When I look at you my deep blue eyes'll have you looking twice

I love the mary jane it might as well be your name
Chilled out, a lot of substance in that skinny frame
When I put my hands around your waist I feel the flame
Lighting up the fire I don't even need to spit my game

And I appreciate it, you keep me high in the sky
Get me punch-drunk something like a mai-tai
I know you never fake it, you keep me dry
When I'm sinking in a sea of all my undercover past lies

No need to analyze, my body reacts
The hormones are just like crack (so addictive!)
I'm putting on my backpack
Walking to wherever you're at, I got a fat sack (ssss aaah) so we can just…

Kick back and relax, feel the music
Coney island wreckers coming in with the smooth shit
Proof that you and me are meant to be, feel the smooth lips
Kisses with the true bliss, love is what the truth is

Every lover that I've ever had is in my heart
I never lose my love and now won't be my time to start
We weren't compatible but I pick and choose my battles
I won't let em rattle my cage, I got enough to handle

I might've caused a scandal that scrambled your soul
Vanity's bold, but beauty is expensively sold
I'm breaking the mold, I never could rock the gold
From hot to cold, I travel all alone on this road

But if a female wants to be with me through happiness and tragedy
She better look good through the lens of personality
That's my strategy, checkin that anatomy
Making sure her style is more than raggedy, capture me

If a female wants to be with me through happiness and tragedy
She better look good through the lens of personality
that's my strategy, checkin that anatomy
Making sure her style is more than raggedy, capture me
Track Name: Don't Bother Me
I'm just telling you straight off
I don't want commitment, I just want to get some loving and take off
Relationships are crazy, baby, it's almost slavery
Only nineteen can't let a women define me

Mellow fellow not your typical type
Light joints in the day, smoke blunts at night
Catch me high up in the air with the red eye flight
On a plane to Maui Wowie from the Northern Lights

I've gotta keep it real, down to earth, spitting ill
Lyricism for the pretty girlies till I get my fill
Get my bills, flat brimmed caps and the cash stacks
All a part of my pursuit of happiness, ya dig that?

I can be your fantasy, stick around and see for yourself
Put you down like Dramamine, get so hot I'm making you melt
Switching the position like Donner we're getting Blitzen
And twisting another L, getting high as hell man

I don't have a strategy, talking to these felines
Guess I just be dressing pretty fly for a white guy
Suit and tie to the baggy and the fitted jeans
Rocking a cap to the back my style is hella clean

Yeah, if I'm feeling a female
I'll introduce myself, give her my cell and my Gmail
Check my demos, kick it here at my house
Meet you here around eight, babe, then we're going out

And we got down, grindin on the dance floor
Hands in my waistband, tugging on my pants low
Time to go, pretty missus
I've got school in the morning so let's get down to business

Girl you might be my type, but you can't be my wife
We can keep this on the low or we can do it twice
Whatever's good, I'm known around for being nice
And treating ladies extra special even just for one night

To my brothers and my sisters out worldwide
I hope that all of y'all are living good lives
I pray that peace will overcome pride
And form a new alliance with all of us combined

From my perspective I can't understand the wreckage
The blood, sweat, and tears were given to give a message
Chill a second, focus on the moment and hold it
I compose this with a flow that makes you think that I'm rollin'

Because the microphone is something like a drug to me
Spitting that dope, make your eardrums blown over these beats
This is called confidence, borderline vanity
Checking in the mirror making sure I dress handsomely

My world is candid, take nothing for granted
My possessions be my wit, respect, and high standards
I don't claim to have the answers for society
I get along fine, people people, don't bother me

people people, don't bother me
people people, don't bother me
people people, don't bother me