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That's The Truth

by Drycell and The Philosofist

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With this release, I've teamed up with independent vocalist 'The Philosofist'. The result was dubstep, which further evolved into hip-hop after trying to make the drum loops fit. I've followed the techniques and atmospheres used by many classic hip-hop artists, while adding my own subtle touches - especially in the first track, where you can notice a dub-like beat.

This album took me two months to produce, working on-and-off for a total of 15 hours. It might not be the longest production time-frame, but it's had more effort put into it than any other release of mine.

I'd like to thank The Philosofist for the great vocal work. It's not chart-topping material, but it's better than anything T-Pain or 50 Cent could spit out in terms of how meaningful the lyrics are.

However, this time I've put it up with an extra track, remastered all the tracks, and took away the price tag. Yup, all of my music is free again!


released January 6, 2011

All backing instrumentals (bass, drums, etc) produced, mixed, mastered and brutally tortured by Joshua 'Drycell' Merriman. All rights reserved.
All lyrics written and performed by Matt 'The Philosofist' Fry. All rights reserved.
Album art by Joshua "Drycell". All rights reserved.
Used the free tool 'Wordle' ( to aid with the album art.



all rights reserved


Drycell Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: That's The Truth
This is what I'm about yo,
Speed you up and put you out like weed and tobacco,
Break it down, plant a seed, let it grow, let my flow
Down from the gutters to the underground, then I go up to the heavens.

Shouts to my brethren,
If hip hop is dead, well I am legend,
Five foot seven, discovering new dimensions,
Every single sentence I'm taking away the tension.

Never let my music be compromised,
If I sign a line for a label, I be signed 'til the end of time,
No more sacrifice, see the flashing lights
In my imagination waiting patiently to grab the mic.

Feel the soul, feel the vibe, feel the music,
Use it, let your body move to the smooth shit,
The truth is, I used to be a nuisance. Now who's this
dude with the sweet talk, minus the cool whip.

Nine, one, one for the hip-hop,
Put 'em in the air, who cares about the cops,
We ain't doing nothing but music and showing love
Buckle up tight, ain't nothing could kill our buzz.

So bounce to- bounce to- bounce- bounce to the beat,
Nod ya heads and don't frown when you see me,
Rock the bed and the microphone easy,
steezy, puffin on a bleezy with a beezy.

Cheesy smile on my face, get serious,
Little bit delirious, who I am mysterious,
Lyricist, write the prose and drop knowledge,
I wanted to learn more, going broke at college.

Imma stop my nonsense, get some common sense,
Thank my mama for what I got, past and present tense,
My sound makes the rounds from the ear to the neck
that be snapping to the rhythm with a beat and a mic check.

Imma sit back, lighting up a black 'n' mild
Beat in my ears, and a mic to spit a chill style,
I'll be real with y'all, I get pretty wild,
But I keep it in control until I get it dialed.

Feet to the ground, I be electric,
shocking y'all tarts with sparks to get your blunts lit,
This a trip to the moon and space,
Like United States and Russia but I won first place

Because I'm out of this world, my mind's it's own time zone,
Losing my signal so I guess I gotta roam
and get grown, now that I be living on my own.

In between the stages of life, I'm in-between cues,
That's why I'm up in school, got some fixing up to do,
No pressure, the pleasure's in the future dude,
I ain't stressing, we're blessed, homie, that's the truth.
Track Name: Feel So Beautiful
When I know what I want I just go with it, flow and compose
With music tones and notes and quotations,
I'm patiently waiting to take and make a break for freedom,
But I'm lately feeling lazy and crazy I pledge allegiance

To the music won't abuse it since it's beautiful and true,
My body and my mind and my soul connect in the booth,
It's that organic type rhythm, got the instrumentals giving
Out the melancholy melodies to make you feel my feelings.

It's maniacal flow to your domepiece, the crows meet
In murder scenes, flowing over these dope beats,
Don't speak to me about my self-confidence,
I confided in my brothers and my brothers have sinned.

But I'm happy again, I've got a smile on my face,
The good vibes coming out from the earth and her grace,
Got me living like I'm 'bout to die, traveling around,
And I'm never really satisfied with what I've never found

So I'll top it with a quiver of predictions,
Twenty-twelve shit, aliens, I'm a-fixin, to listen,
To glisten with the light of the sun and I'm flexing
My mental with natural transcendent bliss.

The enlightenment...I'd say it's pretty tight dude,
If you ask me, enlightenment could happen to you too,
I just know a few things that I could teach to fools,
I'm a man who understands a bit more than he used to.

It's that one love, one life philosophy,
Making people in the world all around me
Feel so good, feel so beautiful,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful.

It's that one love, one life philosophy,
Healing, making people feel the community,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful.

Now I'll tell you all a bit about who I am,
My name's Matt and I hear that I got a few fans,
I believe in love, believe in equal treatment of the people,
And the nature that surrounds us, on this earth, for this dirt

I will work for my monetary, necessary property,
But awkwardly residing in this babylon economy,
I cannot understand why
The people need to exceed the real need and procreate greed.

So I spit for the sick and diseased,
For the haters and the lovers and the poor and the weak,
For the sinners and the givers who have given to us
A new hope, Star Wars former episode one.

So I'll feel the vibes go positive, really gotta lot of it,
Confident and polished, I'm anonymous at best,
gGt no distribution, got no label 'cept the internet,
Using what I got and mixing all the equalized effects.

Rap is just vocal chess, I used to train my brain with that,
Movin all the pieces, now I rhyme like an insomniac.
Genius, I'm an optimist. My glass is half full,
The paradox is why I rhyme and why this world is beautiful.

Why this world is beautiful... (repeat 3x)
It's that one love one life philosophy, hit it!

It's that one love, one life philosophy,
Making people in the world all around me
Feel so good, feel so beautiful,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful.

It's that one love, one life philosophy,
Healing, making people feel the community,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful,
Feel so good, feel so beautiful.


Track Name: Beef Wellington
Please, brain, why did you leave me, believe me
my senses don't deceive what I'm seeing in me
I'm a captain with no whip, don't trip and don't stumble
I walk my way to heaven with my mic with no trouble

I'm kind of a goodie goodie that rides with a hoodie
zipper half down not talking about a woody
you snooty ass pricks who think that I'm an asshole
rapping bout my style, my flaws, and my rap flows

my record shows that I can just go with it
let it be I know that I'm a future proletariat
working for the man because I fit into the system
hoping I can make some change by spitting to the rhythm

on the stage or in the studio, listen to the stereo
I'm out of my cage, I'ma sing like a canary yo
I let out my rage, about 3 or 4 years ago
gone with the hormones, the milk and the cereal

My innocence is gone, it was gone a long time ago
gone with the rage and the hormones and dial tones
used to be like baby please pick up the phone
now I don't even bother no mo, I sit alone

but as I'm smoking on this joint, and I'm sipping on this beer
take a deep breath, feel my problems slowly disappear
but I can't escape the issues trapped away in my brain
I chose the bhudda path, the noble eight steps to cure pain

do you know pain? I've been stabbed I've been punched out
broke a couple bones in my life but I'm nice now
never fight another man unless he calls me out
for some shit that I couldn't do nothing about

and even after all of that it probably isn't worth it
to bruise your knuckles on the jaw of a drunk, the talk slurring
the world ain't perfect but the world's still working
so I guess that I can just move on and keep smirking

I keep chirping, the caged bird is still flirting
society has never stopped me from being me
so keep jerking, your pipe dreams are surfacing
I learned you have to be who you want to be

who you see in the mirror when you brush your teeth
when two people disagree, can you call it beef?
when there's suffering can people really talk about peace?
without bringing up the hippies, economy, or the middle east?

hell, if I can do that then there's hope for humanity
my sanity intact, as well as my vanity
I'm nineteen years young, raps come out of my lungs
just a well-traveled kid with a mic and a tongue

Last of all before the class ends, my friends
raise a glass and make a toast for love and gin
and the smoking mary jane who brought my good friend lucy
shrooms and orange juice let loose and go crazy

like literally, you go crazy on these trips
a space and time continuum rift, with a spliff
you catch my drift? there's more to this earth
than any single human being could discover or search

so, you gotta let your ego slip into oblivion
keep your soul strong, rock hard like obsidi
Track Name: Samurai Style
I'm a pacifist at heart, still a soldier in the brain
To maintain a frame of perception without the grain,
The green I smoke up, supreme samps n' cuts,
Pucker up lips and spit a kiss (hip-hop love).

Bringing in the eastern style, homoeopathic medicine,
It'll be a while before you heal my brethren so settle in,
Got my share of serotonin, peddling the dope microphone and I'm zonin,
Get closer, live in the moment.

I'm rollin with prose flows no property stolen,
I'm uploading, tiptoeing and crowing to meet the morning,
It's that style so samurai, face never meets your eyes,
Speaking for the trees, feel the breeze of my blade, FREEZE!


No pictures please,
I was a kid, but I turned to a man in a week,
Got a kamikaze mind, and I'm strong in physique,
The optimal peak... And I speak